Finding – Re-Tuning Training


BRT is a systematic process to identify and correct building oper-ational problems that lead to energy waste. It is implemented at no- or low-cost other than the labor required to perform the Re-Tuning process. Re-Tuning may include adjusting thermostats for actual occupancy patterns, or small, low-cost repairs such as re-placing faulty sensors or caulking openings in the building envelope. By proactively utilizing the energy savings opportunities taught in Re-Tuning training, operations staff can save between 5 and 25% of all energy used in the building.

Building Re-Tuning has two approaches: ‘observation-driven’ and ‘data-driven’. The training is typically a blend of in-class instruc-tion and discussion and on-site building investigation (building “walk down”). All Re-Tunings include on-site work, such as in-spection of the building envelope for gaps and leaks (observation-driven BRT). Buildings with automation systems (BAS) further benefit from data-driven Re-Tuning which takes data from the BAS and performs analysis to identify potential inefficiencies such as improper scheduling or set-point resets.

Publication Title: Finding - Re-Tuning Training

Consortium Member(s): The Pennsylvania State University

Project Contact: Parhum Delgoshaei

Date: February 09, 2016