Advanced Energy Retrofit (AER) Auditor Competency Map


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Publication Title: Advanced Energy Retrofit (AER) Auditor Competency Map

Consortium Member(s): The Pennsylvania State University

Project Contact: Maureen Roskoski

Date: September 19, 2012

Project Goal
• Development of an advanced energy retrofit (AER) competency map
• Summarize current thinking and efforts
• Seek feedback to determine if an AER competency map makes sense
• Review and discussion of an existing competency map: SunShot Solar
• Initial concept development: AER competency map
– Development approach
• Discussion
– Does an AER competency map make sense? – What should it include?

Purpose of AER Competency Map
• Identify new career directions with current job openings
– Individuals entering the workforce for the first time
– Incumbent workers
• Identify credential and training opportunities
• Evaluate current roles and skill sets of in-house staff
– Building and facility managers
• Identify what courses to develop, as well as gaps in current curricula
– Community colleges – 4-year degree programs