Utilities’ Guide to Data Access for Building Benchmarking


Publication Date: March 1, 2013

In July 2012, the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub and the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission jointly convened the Regional Data Management Working Group to examine utility efforts to provide building operators with better access to energy consumption data for their buildings. The Working Group held a series of meetings in 2012 and 2013 to explore the benefits and challenges of implementing data accessibility programs, with a focus on Pennsylvania and the surrounding region. The Working Group was comprised of local utilities, utility regulators, building owners and experts from the real estate, academic, and energy efficiency fields.

A product of the Working Group, this report identifies best practices for utilities to provide building operators with automated access to whole-building energy consumption data, while maintaining appropriate confidentiality protections on customer data. The report provides an introduction to data accessibility issues and an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for utilities, regulators, and real estate practitioners in implementing data accessibility practices. It also presents case studies of utilities that have implemented such practices.

Consortium Member(s): The Pennsylvania State University

Project contact: Andrea Krukowski

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