Implementing Benchmarking and Disclosure in Philadelphia


Publication Date: November 13, 2013

“No information = No action
Cities are looking at what drives demand and competition in other industries

How can markets work more effectively?
How can demand increase without public subsidies?
How can policy help reduce energy costs for businesses and consumers and create jobs?

Top 10 energy users make up 44% of General Fund’s energy cost. Top 50 energy users make up 77% of General Fund’s energy cost.”

Consortium Member(s): Bayer Material Science,Ben Franklin Technology Partners of SE PA (BFTP),Carnegie Mellon University,Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC),Drexel University,Morgan State University,New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT),Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC),Purdue University,Rutgers University,The Pennsylvania State University,United Technologies Research Center (UTRC),University of Pennsylvania,Virginia Tech

Project contact: Rich Freeh

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