Commercial Building Energy Asset Score

About the Asset Score Tool

The Asset Score Tool (AST) is a quick and easy way to determine the overall energy efficiency of your building’s physical characteristics and corresponding energy consumption independent of occupant behavior. A building’s energy asset score is generated by simulating the performance of its physical systems. The score represents overall energy efficiency independent of occupancy and operational usage. The Asset Scoring Tool also provides upgrade recommendations for each building system.

To use the tool, begin by entering key building information about the building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, and other major energy-reliant equipment. Then, draw multiple “blocks” to account for significantly different uses or building systems within the building. After your input is complete, the Scoring Tool does the rest using Energy Plus to simulate energy use and returning an Energy Asset Score.

The AST scores/ratings, together with an energy performance assessment such as the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, offers a comprehensive diagnosis of your building and its energy use. For example, a building with a low performance rating and a high asset score may not be operating optimally.

The AST is useful to a variety of users, including building owners and third-party management companies; energy service companies, green building consultants, architects and engineers; state and local governments; and utilities and utility efficiency program administrators.

  • Building owners or managers can make use of their asset score to prioritize investments in energy improvements, achieve market recognition for asset energy performance regardless of tenant behavioral impacts, and to demonstrate leadership and corporate responsibility.
  • AST also allows building owners to receive market recognition when energy data for Portfolio Manager is not available from tenants.
  • State and local governments can similarly apply EAS to their property holdings and can make that information available to taxpayers.
  • ESCOs, consultants and other design professionals can incorporate building EAS into their service offerings, using this national standard to provide energy assessments.
  • The EAS application program interface (API) allows easy integration into proprietary tools.
  • Utilities and program administrators can use EAS results to identify customers for energy efficiency rebates and thus help achieve energy efficiency targets more quickly and affordably.

AST Use Guide

CBEI created an easy-to-use interactive guide to introduce users to the Asset Score Tool. Click through the guide below to begin learning more and visit the tool page to get started.