BRIEF: Education, Workforce & Training


Publication Date: 8/7/2012

“The Education and Workforce Platform includes K-12 and higher education teachers and representatives, the nonprofit advocacy sector, skilled trades, government, jobs associations, and professional trainers. At the kickoffs, these stakeholders focused mainly on how to ensure training programs both keep pace to absorb new building retrofit technology innovations and are sensitive to the market’s needs. This group articulated prioritizing government investment in training that is steady and consistent, not up and down. They are sensitive to the education of the vast tenant networks that actually consume the energy in buildings. These Platform members suggest highlighting not only the role of tenants but also that of building operators when conceiving workforce education programs.”

Consortium Member(s): Bayer Material Science,Ben Franklin Technology Partners of SE PA (BFTP),Carnegie Mellon University,Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC),Drexel University,Morgan State University,New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT),Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC),Purdue University,Rutgers University,The Pennsylvania State University,United Technologies Research Center (UTRC),University of Pennsylvania,Virginia Tech

Project contact: Alon Abramson

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